Windows 12: A Glimpse into the Future


Microsoft, the tech giant known for its revolutionary operating systems, is reportedly planning to release its next major update, tentatively titled “Windows 12”, in 2024. This aligns with Microsoft’s new strategy of updating Windows every three years.

Release Cycle

Microsoft has adopted a yearly release cycle where major updates are typically released in the fall. This suggests that we could expect the release of Windows 12 around fall 2024.

Official Announcement

As of February 2023, Microsoft has not officially announced Windows 12 or a specific release date. The speculated 2024 release date reflects Microsoft’s internal plans and could be subject to change. However, during a Citi analyst conference in September, Intel CFO David Zinsner discussed a Windows refresh for next year.

Naming Conventions

Interestingly, the new operating system may not even carry the “Windows 12” moniker. Microsoft could opt for a different name altogether, marking a departure from its traditional naming conventions.

Features and System Requirements

Windows 12 is expected to come with a host of new features and improvements over its predecessor, Windows 11. One of the most anticipated features is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout the operating system. This includes voice control, facial recognition, and adaptive settings that could make Windows more personalized and accessible for users.

Other notable features include an upgraded Windows Explorer and Notepad, new touch-optimized lock and login screens, a new notification center with the ability to group notifications by person or application, and the ability to pin widgets to the desktop. A new dynamic wallpaper feature uses AI to create a “parallax” effect when you move the cursor or device. There’s also mention of Windows 12 CorePC which can run Windows 12 on various gadgets such as tablets and laptops.

As for system requirements, while specific details are not yet known, it is expected that they will be similar to those of Windows 11. This includes a 64-bit processor with a clock speed of 1GHz or faster, at least 4GB of RAM, and a minimum storage space of 64GB.


While Microsoft has not officially announced the pricing for Windows 12, it is expected that it will be priced similarly to Windows 11. This means we could expect a price of $139.99 for Windows 12 Home and $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro. However, updates to Windows 12 will be available for free through Updates.


While the anticipation for Windows 12 continues to build, it’s important to remember that these details are based on current information and could vary. The tech community eagerly awaits official confirmation from Microsoft regarding its next big release.

Please note that this article is based on information available as of now and actual details might vary as more information becomes available.

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