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Travel in 2050 With The High Tech of Future

Credit: ukri.org

It’s 2050 and taking a vacation is simpler than ever, due to the most recent technological breakthroughs. Over the following few pages, we’ll guide you thru every step of your trip, from planning and booking, to travelling and making the foremost of your stay. 

A number of the technology involved may appear unbelievable, but all of it had been after all already real, or under development, within the year 2016. Take the method of booking your trip, for instance. you'll are using comparison websites to search out the most effective deals, but now you don’t have to enter your information, as online travel agents already know your preferences. Gareth Williams, CEO and co-founder of travel company Skyscanner, said: “Travel search and booking are going to be as easy as buying a book on Amazon.” There’s not any guesswork involved in picking your destination either, as Nik Gupter, Skyscanner’s director of hotels, predicted back in 2016: “In ten years’ time a traveller are able to take a video game practice the hotel he's about to book in real-time.” 

The strain of travelling is long gone and progressing to your destination is nearly as enjoyable because the holiday itself. In 2016, Melissa Weigel from design studio Moment Factory said: “In the near future, airports are an intrinsic a part of the vacation experience.” Since then, automated check-in and speedy security scanning has made boarding your flight a breeze. 

Holiday destinations have also changed an excellent deal, as futurist Daniel Burrus predicted: “Relatively affordable trips in low Earth orbit that enable you to experience some minutes of weightlessness will happen very soon.” Now we’ve our sights on the Moon and Mars.

Credit: 3dprint.com

Dassault Systèmes concept for a flying cruise liner.






Credit: dailymail.co.uk

The Spike S-512 jet will mirror the speed of Concorde.







Credit: evtol.news

 Avoid the airport altogether by taking your TF-X flying car






Credit: tuvie.com
The 90-metre luxury JAZZ yacht features an indoor pool

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