How panic rooms work

What goes into the ultimate home defence unit?

Panic rooms hit the spotlight in 2002 when Jodie roster and Kristen Stewart starred in a film where they were trapped in one, but what are these modern-day boltholes how are they constructed ?

A panic room is a safe place for occupants of a property to go whenever they feel threatened. The danger could be In the form of an Intruder or a natural threat like an earthquake or hurricane. These roomsare typically windowless for maximum security and the only weak point of these rooms might be the door, but to combat this, panic room doors are constructed from super-thick steel, have reinforced frames and are fitted high level security locks. Fingerprint scanners or keycode entry pads provide an extra barrier, and sometimes the door Is so well concealed that a trespasser may not even know the room exists. 

The room must provide all the essentials for staying alive during potential long-term situation, so basic plumbing, air filtration and a good stock of medical kit, food and water are all standard. The most expensive panic rooms might also feature monitors hooked up to a CCRV system to keep an eye on Intruders' movements as well as a means of communication to contact the outside world. 

A game of hide and seek

People who are designing custom-built panic rooms to evade intruders are constantly coming up with new and more ingenious ways of keeping these hideways well hidden. 

While secret rooms behind bookcases may seem more In line with Enid Blyton fiction than real life, the fact is that a hidden entrance to a panic room could prevent assailants even knowing you're In the building, making it the ultimate defence. 

There at examples of panic room doors hidden behind sliding walls, underneath floorboards or through the back of a closet. To ensure a panic room is as well hidden as possible, companies are offering tailor-made services, Creating precisely constructed moving walls, which can barely be seen without prior knowledge. Although these are very costly, the peace of mind that comes with Increased safety often takes precedence.

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