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World's biggest hangars

Aircraft hangars are essential structures in the aviation industry, providing shelter and maintenance space for the world’s largest aircraft. Some of the most notable hangars worldwide are as follows:

1. Dubai Royal Airwing Hangar

One of the largest hangars at a commercial airport belongs to the Dubai Royal Airwing. This colossal structure can accommodate eight planes simultaneously, including three Airbus A380s. The hangar doors span over 580 meters (1,903 feet) wide.

2. Stratolaunch Hangar

The Stratolaunch hangar in Mojave, California, is the largest building dedicated to a single aircraft. Covering an area of one hectare (2.4 acres), this hangar is home to the world’s largest airplane by wingspan.

3. Cardington Airsheds

When it comes to airships, the sizes of hangars increase significantly. The Cardington airsheds in Bedfordshire, used for Airlander airships, each cover an area of 1.4 hectares (3.4 acres).

4. Hangar One

Hangar One at the U.S. Naval base in Sunnyvale, California, is another massive structure, covering 3.2 hectares (eight acres). It’s one of the most recognizable landmarks of California’s Silicon Valley.

5. CargoLifter CL160 Hangar

The largest hangar ever built was for the CargoLifter CL160 airship. Although it’s no longer a hangar, this structure is so large that you could park the Eiffel Tower on its side within it. It has since been converted into a vacation resort.

6. Other Notable Hangars

There are several other notable hangars around the world. For instance, Hangar 375, known as “Big Texas,” on San Antonio’s Kelly Air Force Base is recognized as the largest active free-standing aircraft hangar in the world at 600,000 square feet. The American Airlines maintenance base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the largest commercial aviation facility in the world, spanning over 33 acres with maintenance hangers and shop space covering over three million square feet.

In conclusion, these massive structures not only provide shelter for aircraft but also serve as testaments to human engineering and architectural prowess.

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  1. space for eight planes, including three Airbus A380s, with doors that are over 580 metres (1,903 feet) :o


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